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Viper Sniper EA

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Boost Your Trading Success with Viper Sniper EA - The One Shot Expert Advisor with Over 80% Accuracy and less than 2% drawdown. Note that this EA is currently only available for MT4 terminals.

Are you tired of endlessly analyzing charts and struggling to make profitable trades in the volatile forex market? Look no further than Viper Sniper EA - this one shot expert advisor that takes the guesswork out of trading.

With over 80% accuracy on major forex pairs, Viper Sniper EA is the perfect tool to help you trade your live funds, funded accounts, and even pass your prop firm challenges. Plus, with a very active support group and SET files for major pairs, you'll have all the resources you need to succeed.

But what sets Viper Sniper EA apart is its "set and forget" functionality. With a take profit and stop loss attached to every trade, you can trust the EA to manage your trades automatically, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your trading strategy.

And if you're concerned about risk management, Viper Sniper EA has got you covered. With equity stop, account stop loss, and trading scheduling integrated into the settings, you can rest assured that your trading account is in good hands.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your trading success. Get your copy of Viper Sniper EA today and start making profitable trades with ease.

Take your trading to the next level - Grab your copy of Viper Sniper EA now.


Custom Price Action Indicator
The Viper Sniper uses a custom price action indicator to identify sniper entries using the RSI filter and ADX filter to avoid false signals.

Advanced Dashboard

The Viper Sniper features an advance on chart dashboard that is used to give the trader an overview of the account performance.


Auto Trading Scheduling

The Viper Sniper has the option for the trader to set the trading days and time and to avoid trading on unpredictable days.


Custom Lot sizes for each trade

The Trader have the option to set custom lot size for all trades made by the Viper Sniper so the trader and better estimate profit and manage the risk of trading.


Advanced Stop Loss Trailing

The Viper Sniper is more of a swing trading EA that will hold a trade for 1 to 3 days until the take profit is hit and doing this the EA has advance feature to manage the risk of the market turning around using the stop loss at entry and trailing stop loss feature help the trader to minimize has much risk has possible


Max chart trades

The Viper Sniper will only trade upon confirmation signals, therefore the trader will add the EA to many charts however this feature allow the trader to set the max simultaneous charts to trade at any given time to avoid the EA opening too much trades.


Money Management

The Viper Sniper has an advance money management system, that will allow the trader to set profit goals and targets, equity protection and account stop loss. These features are useful for traders who trade prop firm funded accounts and traders who are passing challenges.

 Learn More about the Viper Sniper EA from this pdf booklet.


Below are some of the results and testing from the Viper Sniper EA.

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